Selena:*laughs,in Justin's arms*love you
Justin:*smiles*love u too*kisses her*
Selena:*kisses back*
Justin:*phones rings*hey...ok*hangs up*I have to go now,my mom needs me*pecks her*love u*leaves*
Selena:*smiles to herself*


Mrs.Gomez:*opens Selena's door*sweetie...wake up*slightly shaking her*
Selena:*wakes up,rubs her eyes*yea?
Mrs.Gomez:ill tell u something after breakfast*leaves*
Selena's POV
Wonder wat could dat be.I looked in my dresser hoping to find my favorite t-shirt as soon as I found it I grabbed it walk in the bathroom,walking out in jeans n the tshirt and my hair up.I walked down stairs finding my parents looking down at their food not doing anything at all."wat happened?"after I said dat my mom looked at me with tears in her eyes,something is not right...and its not good.
End of POV
Mrs.Gomez:ur grandpa back in Texas died*cryies*n were staying there with grandma...
Selena's POV
Grandpa?dead?moving?What about Justin?
End of POV
Mr.Gomez:were moving tomorrow,morning
Selena:o-ok,ill be back*leaves*
Selena's POV
I ran to the park ending up crying horribly.After for a few minutes,I felt arms around me hearing a familiar voice"shhh,why r u crying babe?"I looked up n saw Justin with concerned eyes."Im m-moving"Justin's eyes grew big,he hugged me tighter.I cant go.
End of POV
Selena:Justin...Justin,I cant breathe
Justin:ur not going right?
Selena:i am,tomorrow morning*stands up with Justin*
Justin:spend time with me pls....
Selena:my things?
Justin:Ill help u,then we can go to the bowling alley and have all the night together...
Selena:*half smiles*ok*kisses him*lets go


Justin:ill be back*pecks her,accidentally bumps into some random girl*oh sorry*looks in her eyes,slowly leans in,kisses her*
Selena:*looks back,sees them*wat the hell?
Justin:*pulls back,back into the real world*wat did I just do?*looks at Selena*
Selena:*runs out*
Justin:*follows her*Se--
Selena:*slaps him*I HATE U!!!*runs home*

AFTER FOR MANY YEARS(BTW:mybe 3 or 2...)

Justin's POV
YES!!Finally I can visit Selena!!!
End of POV
Justin:*looks at a pic of her*
Mrs.Bieber:lets go sweetie!
Justin:k mom!!


Justin:*knocks on Selena's door,smiling big*
Selena:*opens the door*uhh,can I help u with something?
Justin:Im Justin,remeber??
Nick:whos at the door babe?
Selena:a guy I dont know
Justin:*tearing*i mean wrong house*runs away*


Justin:she forgot about me!!*hitting himself,punching the wall,cutting himself*


Ambulance men:*gets Justin's dead body into the ambulace*